Cat Thermometers

No, I’m not talking about thermometers made especially for cats. It’s the cats themselves who predict the weather with their body language; hence, cat thermometers. When it’s hot and humid, they stretch out just as long as they can. When it’s cold, they curl up tight, the ends of their tails over their noses.

Most of our six cats sleep on our bed during the day, and often one or three of them will sleep with us at night. They are unabashed bed hogs, too. The Crankee Yankee and I often have less bed real estate than they do, and, like the simps we are, we put up with it. Our cats know that they can get away with murder just because they are so dang cute.

It’s been said that cats remember somewhere in their kitty DNA that they were once royalty in Egypt, and they have never forgotten it. Unlike dogs, who will do just about anything to please, cats go their own way to please themselves. You’ll never see a cat worry about how their fur looks, or who has prettier eyes or the longest tail. They just flat don’t care. They have oodles of self-esteem, and they know they can get away with nearly anything.

A dear friend of my mother’s used to send her hilarious cat cards. One of them is so funny that I framed it and have it on our living room wall. It’s a tiger cat lying on several comfy pillows, wearing reading glasses, holding a newspaper and looking out at the world as if to say, “well? Make it snappy, I’m busy!” It cracks me up every time I look at it; it looks just the way Mom used to when she was interrupted while reading.

Our cats, and, I suspect most house cats, know their worth and know that they can pretty much bend us to their will. They can get away with things (such as hogging our bed day and night) just because they are so confident that their innate cuteness will keep them out of trouble. And of course there is that whole “cat thermometer” thing; it’s both cute and hilarious. No question about it, cats can work us like nobody’s business.

As has been said before, “a cat is a cat, and that’s just that.”

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