Summer Morning Serenade

The Crankee Yankee and I usually get up early. We get our cups of coffee, and sit on the front porch to watch the sunrise. This is around the time that the birds start singing their morning wake-up songs. The cardinals usually start everyone off with their “sweet, sweet, sweet” song, then all the others follow. It’s a feast for the eyes and ears.

Across the road, there are rabbits who know from long experience that we put out baby carrots for them in the garden plot where the bird feeder stands. Both the rabbits, birds, squirrels, and the odd chipmunk enjoy the feast. Because we keep it full at all times, the critters don’t mess with our garden produce.

We also get to enjoy the early morning sunrise that officially starts the day. We also get to watch the sun come up among the pinky-gold clouds; it’s quite a sight. When I think of all the worry and hurry I lived with when I was working, I realize I’ve missed much. But I’m making up for lost time in these beautiful days of being retired.

When we are back in the house, the cats rub against our legs, and remind us that, while it’s not quite feeding time yet, it is time for some treats. Once they gobble them up, they go off to their favorite corners to groom themselves and take one of many naps. They too appreciate the morning. As they jump up on our bed, they settle into the first of many naps. The naps start with purring, and then downright snoring. This is all part of the summer morning serenade.

And how lucky we are to be part of it all.


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