What’s With All the Grabbing?

Is it just me, or is just about everyone saying “can I grab you this or that?” or “let me grab that drink for you,” or “I’ll go grab your order right now,” and so on? What’s up with the grabbing?

Other possibilities could be “can I bring you a menu?” or “let me get that drink for you,” or “I’ll go pick up your order right now.” When did we become such a grabby society? In fact, when did we start losing our ability to be polite, to speak carefully so that people can understood us, or observe a few social niceties; you know; such as holding a door open for someone, saying “good morning/good afternoon/good day,” or just a smile and a “how are you?”

Of course, people of my age were raised and schooled differently than how kids are raised and schooled today. The sayings are different, the music is different (although I have to say that some of the new music is absolutely brilliant!), dancing is different, school is different, and most certainly, parents are different.

This is not to say that my generation was or is any better than this generation; it’s just different. I used to chuckle when my mother would get incensed about women who “whooped” loudly at games, shows, etc. She would roll her eyes, sigh and say, ‘in my time, no woman would be that crass; it just wasn’t done.’ Another place, another time, I guess.

I suppose all this grabbing is a sign of the times as well. Perhaps the whole grabbiness deal comes from technology that just wasn’t around when we were kids. Today it seems like everyone wants quicker/faster this, that and the other thing; just like the song from Queen that goes “I want it all/I want it all/And I want it NOW!”

Ah well, things change, and like it or not, we probably need to change as well…how’s that grab you?

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