The Free Table

The Crankee Yankee and I have two storage units, both filled to the brim with all the stuff from Mom’s and Dad’s house. We go to each one regularly to weed out the things we can use, things we don’t want but can be put in auction, or stuff we can put out on our Free Table in our driveway.

Mom’s and Dad’s house was a lot bigger than our house, hence more stuff to deal with. Mom’s taste and mine were very different. When I was growing up, it was quite usual for ladies to have “must-have” things like tea sets, “special” china (for company, don’t you know), platters, soup tureens, candle sticks, tea pots, cake plates, fancy dishes (I always called them “foo-foo” dishes), glass and brass doo-dads, special linens for company, vases, and so much more. Sad but true, all that stuff isn’t really in vogue these days. Hence, the Free Table.

I’ll admit that some of the gee-gaws pull at my heart; I lived with them during my growing-up years. I knew all about them; when Mom and I cleaned the house, she would tell me where this and that came from, and what they all meant to her. For example, there are two brass candlesticks that I kept them for myself; they belonged to Mom’s mother, Effie. She died of pancreatic cancer when Mom was only 14 years old. So having those little brass candlesticks remind me of the grandmother I never knew.

I love having a Free Table; I like to think that some young couples who are just starting out might enjoy having and using some of these things. I realize that a lot of people will not only pick out things for themselves, but they also may be folks who love to set up a table at a flea market. Either way, some folks get to enjoy my mom’s stuff.

I like to think that Mom approves of her things being enjoyed by others. She and I had a saying about things like this which went: “if you don’t like it, you are free to throw it at the wall of your choice.” That still makes me laugh!

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