Quite Literally Melting…

Summer is here and the humidity is as well. Our air conditioners are on full blast, and that’s the only respite; or a cold shower. When I lived in Texas (also known as America’s Frying Pan), the heat was unbearable. Everyone had central air conditioning, and everyone tried to park in the shade. Forget about parking close to where you needed to go; if there was a gecko holding up a leaf that made a tiny shadow, you parked there.

Oh yes, and my good old faithful Kia Rondo (circa 2008) has given up the ghost on the air conditioning. Wouldn’t you just know it, but it happens. I’d replace it, but the cost is hideous, so I’m going to just suck it up and drive with the windows down.

So what to do in the heat of summer? Well, number one is to just enjoy it. Before you know it, winter will be here and we will miss all that heat and sunshine. Also drinking a lot of water helps, as well as cool showers.

The Crankee Yankee and I have our two faithful air conditioners on full blast during this 100 degree heat. Our cats either stretch out on the cool kitchen floor, or go downstairs and lie down on the cool cement floor. They’re no dummies; they know where to keep cool. Quite frankly, if my knees weren’t so touchy I’d be lying down there beside them.

So, looking on the brighter side, the garden is exploding with produce despite the late planting; April was soaking wet nearly each day. Our first attempt at summer squash is going well; the beautiful yellow squash blossoms are in full bloom, as are the cucumber blossoms.

Each morning I fill up the bird feeder, which also feeds the squirrels. This way they don’t get into the garden. The resident bunny hops over nearly every morning, so I put out a handful of baby carrots for him (or her).

Summer’s here on full blast, and we’re enjoying it. As for the constant sweating, I’ll say what an old wise woman we know says: “hey, watchagonnado?” Indeed.


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