Love Is Love

It is a constant source of humble wonder when I think of the loves in my life. Being loved and sharing love is a gift and a blessing. Love comes in so many forms and shapes and sizes, too. There is love for family, relatives, friends, teachers, the elders in our lives, and pets. There is also love of country, and of the state in which we reside.

It’s said that love is a many-splendored thing, and as I get older, I understand it more. There is of course romantic love, which can be both amazing as well as scary sometimes. The love we have for our dearest friends is another kind of love we cherish. We have grown up together, whispered secrets to each other, and have trusted the friendships we have with each other.

I remember the first time a dear male friend of mine came out to me. He told me that he had finally realized that he was gay. As I listened to him pour his heart out to me, I realized that I had somehow known this for a while. Love is love no matter how you slice it; when it opens our hearts and minds, our souls rise up to meet it and claim it.

We are better with love in our lives. Even if the people we have loved dearly have passed on, their love is still with us. The heart may be a fairly small organ, but oh—how much love it can hold!

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