Summer Storms

While a storm in summer is nothing like a monsoon or hurricane or, Heaven help us; a tornado, it can be loud and a little scary. First the rain pours down (or, as we call it; free garden water), then the thunder and sometimes lightning follows. We rush to turn off the computer, TV and so on to be on the safe side. With the first rumble of thunder, all the cats run down to the basement. We usually go down and bring them treats to soften the blow.

We humans hold the fort and keep an eye to the sky. The Crankee Yankee and I have always enjoyed a good thunder storm, and feel we are pretty safe from lightning. Why? Because when he was a youngster, there was a huge thunderstorm with lightning, and a fire ball actually rolled right through the living room! There was no serious harm done, except a few small scorch marks on the rug. We figure that lightning had made its point for our house and probably won’t make a visit again (we hope).

A summer storm is exciting, and it’s completely different from a snow storm or hurricane. When the storm is over, everything is bathed fresh again, and the air is full of the scent of flowers and earth. Birds pick up singing their morning songs, and everything smells fresh and new.

Summer storms are a gift; they remind us that too soon there will be colorful falling leaves in the fall and later on, the first snowfall. Let’s enjoy those summer storms while we have them.


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