And Then There Were Six…

The Crankee Yankee and I have been sheltering and feeding a sweet little black cat we call Scooter for two years now. It took him that long to trust us, and in the past few weeks he has joined us on the front porch every day and sleeps there at night. We have his food and water bowls out there, as well as a brand new carrier, lined in a soft blanket and sprinkled with catnip.

We had made and put up posters of Scooter, hoping that his previous owner would see them. Weeks passed and no one came forward, so we just kept on feeding and sheltering him. We had decided to adopt him, but first we needed to get him to our vet to make sure he had all his necessary shots and a regular health check. We wondered if he had ever been microchiped, so we had our vet check that as well.

Behold and lo, he did have a microchip, and our wonderful vet tracked down his previous owner. Long story short, Scooter was a house cat who had lived with an old man. The man was quite ill, so as you can imagine, people were coming and going, and Scooter got out. When the man died, no one looked for Scooter. And by the way, we found out that Scooter’s real name was Oscar.

Because he had a microchip (and I strongly recommend that anyone with a pet should have a microchip. This is how lost animals are found.) Our vet was able find and talk to the owner, who was the son of the man who died. He remembered the cat, but when he went missing, no one looked for him. In fact, his wife hates cats, so there was no incentive to try and find him. The Crankee Yankee talked with the man, and he was fine about us adopting Scooter/Oscar.

The Crankee Yankee had picked up on clues Scooter was making that I didn’t see; he kept trying to go with us into the house. He also used the litterbox we put out for him. So he was at heart a house cat who had to adapt to the outdoors. Our vet gave him his necessary shots, clipped his nails and checked him out. Despite all his time on his own outside, he is a healthy little guy and we love him.

And yes, we realize that this might look like “crazy cat people,” but this is who we are. We rescue, we feed, we make sure that our cats all have vet visits, that they have daily cleaned litter boxes, healthy food and fresh water, plenty of toys, and lots of love and attention. We are responsible for their care, feeding and well-being. A life is a life, no matter how small.

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