Age-Related Forgetfulness?

Although I am hardly elderly, I do find that there are times when I can’t remember a word I’m fishing for in a sentence. But worst of all, sometimes I think I’ve taken my meds and supplements for the day, but I don’t remember if I actually did take them. Now usually that lost word will come back to me, but the “did I or didn’t I” thing about the meds bothered me.

So the Crankee Yankee suggested that I make a chart of what I took and when. This is exactly what I do with Pookie, our cat who has lived several years with mild seizures. He is on medication for it, and after I give him his meds, I check it off on his chart. That way at the end of the day, I know for sure that he took all his meds.

Then it dawned on me: I could do the very same thing for myself! So I made my own chart so that I can tick off the morning meds and the supplements, then the evening supplements. Easy-peasey, done and done.

Honestly, why is it that we will happily and gladly do something helpful for someone else rather than ourselves? Now that I have my very own “Pookie” chart, I can be sure that 1) I’m not crazy and 2) I indeed took my meds and supplements at the right time.

I won’t deny that it is pretty funny, but it’s helpful, too. I’ve been told that I am quite OCD, so when I think I’ve skipped something important during the day (such as taking my meds and supplements at the right time), I can now go to my chart and say “HA! I DID take them and I’m not crazy!”

It’s all about those little victories, isn’t it?

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