Fireworks on a Summer Night

From Seacoast “On Saturday, July 13, thousands descend upon downtown Exeter, the former capital of the Granite State during the Revolutionary War, for the 29th Annual American Independence Festival. Celebrating the arrival of an original copy of the Declaration of Independence in town on July 16, 1776, the festival features a variety of entertainment, including music, battle re-enactment, traditional artisan working village, and more.”

This also means that we have 4th of July type of fireworks displays on that night. Fortunately for the Crankee Yankee and I, we can sit on our front porch and see them. This reminds me of so many July 4th firework displays when I was growing up in Wolfeboro, NH. At the time, we lived in a house by the lake, and all we had to do on the night of July 4th was to grab our chairs and sit on the dock to watch the fireworks.

Dozens of boats would hook up to each other, making a necklace of boats nearly from shore to shore. After each display, they would tootle their horns in appreciation. It was a special night; not only did I get to see fireworks virtually in my own front yard, but I could stay up late for the grand finale.

Seeing those fireworks last night brought back such good memories. Usually before dusk, Mom would have made her famous strawberry shortcake for dessert. After that, down to the dock we’d go, bringing pillows and blankets.

There is something magical about fireworks, which is why we all tend to ohhh and ahhh over them. Kids love them, and we adults go right back to our own childhoods and ohhh and ahhh right along with them.

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