Fire Fly Magic

One of the best things about summer is the fire flies. They appear during sunset; little blinks of light here and there. I used to call them “fairy lights” because I just knew in my child’s heart that they really were real fairies. Because of that, I never tried to chase them or try to put them in a bottle. I wanted them to be free, and I dearly wanted them to be real fairies.

Seeing all those lovely little lights on a summer night brings me back to when I was still in grade school. Summer was on and school was out; all the rules were broken. You could stay up and sit with your parents on the porch, watching the moon rise. You could play games like Statues or Tag or Red Rover until parents called us in. Even that wasn’t so bad because you knew that school was out and you could spend the next day swimming, playing games, riding bikes; in short everything we kids loved about summer.

Often on weekends I would bike up to my grandparents’ house and stay overnight. Back then I could safely ride my bike over the ten miles between my house and theirs; I never thought a thing about it. At the time no one drove over the speed limit, and it was relatively safe to bike.

During the evening after supper, my grandparents and I would sit on their porch. I loved to hear them talk about their own growing up and how they met and married. As the night grew darker, the fire flies came out like tiny candles. Also, you could hear the frogs in the lake tune up for their own summer concert. All through the night they sang “chug-a-rum, chug-a-rum!” I often fell asleep on the porch swing listening to the frog song.

May you always enjoy the fairy lights; they give us a bit of magic on those soft summer nights.

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