In the Garden of Harmony

In our garden, we not only have herbs and vegetables, but harmony with our animal visitors. One of our garden plots is exclusively for the bird feeder, and we get to enjoy all the birds and their songs. Every morning when the Crankee Yankee and I sit on the front porch with our first cups of coffee, we enjoy watching the birds, squirrels and the odd rabbit who like to feast on our bird feeder. Loads of seeds fall to the ground, so everyone gets a bite. Every so often I toss a few baby carrots in there for the rabbits.

Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal often show up; she in her modest olive green and gray garb, with touches of red, and he in his glorious red feathers. He always lets her feed before he does; a real gentleman.

The birds with their young are fun to watch. The young ones are certainly able by now to catch and eat bugs or peck the ground for seeds, but they still squawk to their moms to come feed them.

The squirrels climb up on the wooden ladder to the bird feeder. The Crankee Yankee has thoughtfully put up a wooden board for them to sit on while pulling out all the sunflower seeds in the feeder. Ocasionally they have a pushy-pushy fight, and one jumps down to the ground (where lie plenty of seeds) and lets the other one drain the feeder.

The one shy little rabbit from across the road now knows that he can get both seeds and carrots on the feeding plot. He first looks for the carrots I leave for him, and he will munch contentedly on one at a time. When finished, he hops back across the road, full and happy.

It is truly harmony on a small scale. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we humans could interact so easily?

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