Stop “Correcting” Library Books!

I don’t know about you, but it bugs the hell out of me to see someone’s pencilled (or, Heaven forbid; INKED) corrections in library books. It’s bad enough to do this with a pencil, but some idiots think it’s ok to do this in ink. Honestly, it makes my blood boil when I see that some self-righteous so-and-so has decided to become a published book’s editor.

Seriously, what possible good does this do? If you have a beef with something amiss (or what someone may think is amiss) in a published book, then contact the publisher or the author. “Correcting” a library book serves absolutely no purpose except to piss off readers like me. If they are going to do that, why don’t they sign their name and address so we can thank them (insert snarky grin here). What in the world gives anyone the right to deface a library book?!

In the past, I have angrily rubbed out these “corrections” where pencil was used. But now they are using pens which don’t come off. Doing this annoying self-editing in a library book is a lot like someone giving you a tattoo in your sleep. Once it’s there, it’s there for good.

If you have paid for and now own a book, go right ahead and color or correct or paint it purple for all anyone cares; it’s yours to do with as you choose. But making “corrections” in a library book is criminal in my book.

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