Garden Grace and Gratitude

We in New England had a very wet April and early May this year, which meant that we could not plant our garden until late May. We were finally able to plant, and now things are coming along well. Usually by this time we’d be harvesting tomatoes, peppers, peas, summer squash, broccoli and three kinds of lettuce. But that’s New England for you; you never know exactly how the seasons will go.

Of course, we attract visitors. The Crankee Yankee always makes neat metal cages around the tall produce; tomatoes, peppers, broccoli and peas. The birds love to perch on the cages and chatter to each other. The baby birds are really old enough now to get their own food, but they still pester their parents to feed them. They are loud and persistant, but aren’t all babies?

There is a small bunny who often hops across the road to our garden, and he likes eating the birdseed that falls down from our feeder. I tossed him a few baby carrots, and he seemed pretty pleased about that. The squirrels love the birdseed, too. The Crankee Yankee kindly made a wooden platform for the wild life to sit on while eating the bird seed, so everyone’s happy. All that wild life feeding in the garden amuse the cats. It’s kitty TV for them, and they have ringside seats.

There is something so satisfying about a garden. Well, of course there are all the dang weeds to yank up, and they grow like crazy. But that’s how it goes; it’s part and parcel of the unique joys of gardening. It is a pure pleasure to eat a salad made from your own tomatoes, lettuce and cucumbers. As we always plant too much, our freezer will soon be packed. How wonderful it is to enjoy spaghetti sauce made from our own tomatoes in the deep of winter!

My grandmother always had a garden, and I’d like to think that she is approving of ours.


One thought on “Garden Grace and Gratitude

  1. pamkirst2014 says:

    We’re relying on the famer’s market this year, but there’s nothing like fresh produce in season…

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