The Heat is On

Here in New England we are experiencing some pretty hot and humid weather. Of course, as weather does around here, it can change in a second. Our air conditioners are on full blast, the family pets are seeking the coolest spots in the house, and even the little birds around our feeder are enjoying themselves in the bird bath near the feeder.

I’m not a big fan of heat, but I’ve learned to go with the flow and stop whining about it. I know from past experience that whining actually makes everything worse. So the Crankee Yankee and I are downing cold drinks (the fruit-flavored seltzer water is a huge thirst quencher, BTW) like there’s no tomorrow. Just before the sun starts sinking slowing in the west, we pick up our watering cans and give our garden plenty of water.

Since we had such a wet April, we planted a lot later than usual. But the peas are climbing, the summer squash is coming along great, the tomatoes and peppers and endive and cukes and broccoli and lettuce are all doing well. Gardening is kind of a crap shoot; you can do everything right and nothing comes up, or all of a sudden EVERYTHING grows up and you are flooded with vegetables.

But that’s the fun of it. Plus you hardly need to go by the produce section in the super market; you’ve already got it all growing in your garden! Now granted, it’s a whole lot cooler in the super market than picking your own vegetables in the garden, but how great is it to have your very own produce section?

So let the heat come; it’s great for the garden. Plus we get loads of birds who love to have a garden dirt bath, and enjoy the seeds in our feeder. Besides, we will be mourning those hot summer days come winter…

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