Male Pattern Blindness

I may have mentioned this before, but *men and women see things in different ways. Men are wired to see the big picture, not the details; they have all the skills they need to defend and protect their loved ones, kill the beasts and then haul the meat back home to feed the family. Women are wired to see the details and then the big picture. While we women are very appreciative for the winter’s worth of meat, we also see the bloody drag marks on the floor, the bits of skin and hair that have to be cleaned and separated to pound them into leather for clothing and weave the coarse hair into rope.

Then there’s all that rendering the fat for making soap, bones to shape into needles, utensils and so on. Of course there is also all the meat to cut up, cook, salt, wrap, store, etc. All this goes on while the men settle around the fire, whack each other on the back for bringing down the beast, clean and sharpen their spears, and then eat hugely of the beast. They follow this up by singing warrior songs while picking the gristle out of their teeth, tell more tales and then fall asleep by the fire, snoring and farting the night away.

To this day, men do not see the enormous dust bunnies tumbling under the kitchen table, the long strings of cobwebs dangling from the ceiling, the fact that both the toilet paper and paper towel rolls have one sheet each on them, or that the cup of stew they put in the ‘fridge for ‘later’ is now a science project gone horribly wrong. Nor do they notice that there are no forks or spoons because they are all dirty and are in the dishwasher (which by the way, still has the CLEAN sign on it). They cheerfully park the car in the driveway, leaving all the windows down and the keys in the ignition–and go to bed. And dirty clothes? They have been dirty for so long that they have formed a civilization of their own and have already split into rebel colonies and are  plotting to overthrow both the washer and the dryer.

I’m being a little over the top here, but you get the picture. If you ask a man to change a tire, they will do it in an instant, and you never have to worry about the lugnuts falling off (something you would worry about if I did it for you). Ask them to check a leak in the ceiling, and they jump to do it. Need a hand moving? They are right there, hauling and heaving every box, basket and piece of furniture you have. It took me years to figure this out, but here’s the main thing about men: they LOVE a project. They would rather build something, tear something down, haul something away or shoot a moose; these are concrete things that men can get their teeth into.

But ask them to sit down and spill their feelings, or give their opinion about the skirt you just bought, or ask them how they feel about petite fours; well, that’s a little outside their comfort zones. Men think big, and we think about all the tons of small stuff that eventually makes the big stuff. I believe that  this is why we huddle together in the darkness; men want to do big things, protect what’s theirs and do all the heavy lifting. Women want to nurture the kids and animals, tidy up all the endless crap we accumulate, and hold down the fort.

Funny system, but it seems to work for us humans.

*Now before you comment-bomb me about stereotypes, please realize that this post is based on what *I* think. You are absolutely free to disagree or just not read

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