The Aloha Effect

I’ll admit that I am a worry-wart, a hurry-up-and-do-it-now person, a rusher and finisher and a ‘c’mon, c’mon, c’mon’ person. I start my day trying to beat the clock as if somehow doing a simple task needs to be done at lightning speed. I’ve been that way all my life and now, in my later 60s I’m starting to feel the damage I’ve done to myself with all that rushing and hurrying.

After all, who is counting the time? Mr, that’s who. In the whole scale of the universe, does it really matter? I have been in a race with myself for decades now, and I believe it’s time to just calm down and slooooow down. Enough, already.

Case in point, one of the cats, Pookie, has meds that have to be given each day. The poor thing ends up hiding on me because I hurry, hurry, hurry to get it done. Hey, cats aren’t stupid; they react to our hustle and bustle, and it sure doesn’t make it any easier to give a cat meds when you are rushing them.

It’s funny how habits can evolve. This hurry-up attitude of mine has become a royal pain. There’s no need of it; I’m retired and there is no longer a reason to rush about anything. What a gift that is! These days I’m trying to just take my time and stop watching the clock. When I was in Oahu, it seemed as if everyone; natives and tourists, just developed an attitude of ‘no worries, no hurries.’

I would watch as friends met and talked, enjoying the day and the companionship. Even the sweet older women who cleaned my little condo each day in my hotel would stop and talk, smiling all the while. In fact, most people I saw walking leisurely around Waikiki seemed to just take their time to enjoy everything. I began to call this “the aloha effect.”

The aloha effect allowed me to truly relax, enjoy my surroundings, greet total strangers, and just take in all that amazing beauty each day. So when I start rushing around, trying to get everything done, I try to just slow down and let that aloha effect have its way with me. It’s a whole lot easier when you slooooow down.

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