“What’s Your Sign?”

If you follow horoscopes, you’ll find that many of the characteristics of your own astrological sign may sound familiar. I’m a Cancerian, and one of that sign’s characteristics is being a homebody (get it? The crab carries its shell (its home) on his back). As much as I like going to see the grandgirls or my uncle, both are long trips. While away I always feel faintly worried about the house, the cats, etc.

I don’t feel right until I get home; that’s a Cancerian for you. In fact, years ago I thought that I was becoming agoraphobic; that is, a person who has trouble leaving the house. An agoraphobic feels safer at home than out in the world.

However, we are not just all about our star signs and their meanings. It’s fun to check out what your sign means; often you’ll be surprised at how accurate it can be. Many folks dismiss it as sheer hokum, but I find it pretty fascinating. Case in point: when a Taurus (or bull) meets a Capricorn (or goat), you can bet that there will be plenty of arguments and head banging. It’s just who they are and how they operate.

My grandmother would never leave the house until she read her horoscope for the day. She claimed that it made sense to do so to avoid accidents or other unpleasant things. So believe your sign or not, it’s an interesting subject. Back in the early hippie days, it was quite common to start a conversation with “what’s your sign?” Funny, but true. I know a lot of people who married and/or dropped ties with the “wrong sign.”

So, believe in astrological signs or not, it’s fun to see how close your horoscope is to who you are.


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