And There We Were, Wearing Name Tags!

Yesterday was my 50th class reunion. Needless to say, we are all in our sixties. But even with our silver hair, glasses, knee, hip and shoulder replacements, we are still who we used to be, only wiser and happier. We have changed enough to really need name tags! It was funny to see us all looking at each other’s name tag, then hugging and saying “Hi (insert person’s name here)! You haven’t changed a bit!”

Well, of course we have, but the essential people we are still shines through. All of us have had big life changes. Just about all of us have lost our parents, and we are now the buffers between our young people and the Great Beyond. The handsome jocks of 50 years past are still handsome, the cheerleaders are still perky, and the old friends are as dear to us as they ever were.

I had every good intention to take loads of pictures, but I didn’t; I was too busy talking and listening. In fact, when I actually picked up my “smarty pants phone” the battery was just about out of gas. So the talking and the listening became the focus. I talked with people I hadn’t seen in years, and reconnected with a few. It’s funny to now exchange email addresses instead of phone numbers. Our generation grew up with rotary phones and even operators who directed your call. I’m sure that all of our children and grandchildren roll their eyes on a regular basis when we can’t figure out how to send a photo.

Yesterday felt as if we were all back in school again, but this time with no school strata of cool kids, nerdy kids, and so on. This time we could talk and laugh together with no judgement. We have hugged and kissed and talked and laughed. We have all grown up and have had experiences we never dreamed of when we were in school. Life has moved on and so have we.

But thank Heaven for those name tags!


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