If It’s Broke, Fix It So It Ain’t

I am lucky to be married to a handy guy like the Crankee Yankee. If any of you enjoy the Canadian program “Red Green” you can appreciate the line at the end of the show: “if you can’t be handsome, be handy.” Fortunately, the Crankee Yankee is both.

Years ago we splurged on a really good refrigerator, and it’s served us well over time. However, the two drawers (you know, one for meats and cheese and one for vegetables and such) at the bottom of the ‘fridge are having sticking issues with the tray above them. The tray is cracked in a couple of key spots, and it takes quite a bit of shoving to get the drawers in under it.

So we pulled everything out of the bottom of the ‘fridge and made the decision to pitch the offending tray above the the drawers. The Crankee Yankee has a large piece left over from the new countertop that just fits where the tray was; sheer serendipity. And both drawers fit nicely underneath. So problem solved at NO expense.

The Crankee Yankee always keeps boxes, because you never know when you might need one. Case in point, we feed what we call the “outdoorsies,” which are mainly cats; all though in the past there have been skunks and the odd raccoon or two. The cats have several “custom built” shelters in case they get caught in the rain or snow, and we use those boxes under our porch and in the garage. I line them with old towels and blankets (which, like an idiot bed and breakfast owner, I wash every few days), and they have safe and comfortable digs plus food and water.

We have a garden every year, and the Crankee Yankee ‘McGyver’s’ wire fences to allow the peas and cukes to have something to climb up on. I call them the “Pea Palace” and the “Cuke Cathedral.” Everyone who drives by our house usually stops now and then to compliment us on the unusual (but always fun) garden.

The Cranky Yankee over the years has discovered many ways to refurbish and re-use a lot of stuff that many would just toss out. But, staunch New Englanders as we are, we just can’t help but keep stuff that we are positive we will use—eventually. We figure that over the years we have saved quite a bit of cash by fixing stuff ourselves or using what we already have. We both grew up in homes where the watch phrase was always this: “use it up, make it do or do without.”

Call us cheap, but it works for us.




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