Oh, no! They Found Out Our Real Names!

Our grandaughters, Ava (8 years old) and Juliette (3 years old) have known us since birth as Grampy and Lulu. Even when they could barely talk, they called us “Gampy” and “WooWoo.” Cute, huh?

However, that all changed when they recently looked over their mother’s shoulder as she was addressing an email to us; the names on the email were Jane B. Fraser and Doug Fraser. They found this absolutely hilarious, and when they called on Fathers’ Day they kept shouting that they wanted to talk to Jane B. Fraser and Doug Fraser!

When we were talking with their mom, you could hear the girls in the distance laughing their heads off about this Jane B. Fraser and Doug Fraser. Honestly, it was the funniest thing they had ever heard of. They just could not stop laughing about this Jane B. Fraser and Doug Fraser who used to be just plain old Lulu and Grampy. And believe me, it didn’t help one bit when I reminded them about their own given names, including their middle names.

It felt as though they were thinking that we had deliberately changed our real names to cover up our lurid past. Or that we had been secret agents in our working lives. But then again, you never know what’s going to tickle a kid’s fancy. At least we know how to make them laugh!

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