PPSA (Professional Porch Sitters of America)

The Crankee Yankee built a beautiful front porch on our house last year. We have been enjoying it ever since, especially in this warm weather. We often end up there at the end of the day with our drinks of choice, or in the mornings with coffee. It gives us a chance to re-connect from the day, or start the day with good intentions.

As our street connects with the street that leads to the local golf course, we often see the enthusiasts drive by, headed for the greens. Some folks we know, some we don’t, but we always wave as they drive by. Mind you, there are a lot of people who don’t always respond to our waves (hey, it’s a personal choice), so we have a *special wave just for them.

There is something special about a porch; it lends itself to be welcoming and comfortable. It’s a chance to start and end the day with grace and gratitude. When I was growing up, nearly everyone in our little neighborhood had a porch. In the warm summer evenings, you could walk by anyone’s house and wave to the folks in their rocking chairs.

As the day slowly turned to night, stars glowing in the deep blue-black sky, you could hear conversation and laughter. If you walked by the houses, you could see the red dots of cigarettes and pipes in the dark. It was a comfortable and safe feeling, and I always would go to bed feeling that everything was right with the world.

The Crankee Yankee and I decided to start a new era of porch-sitting, and we call ourselves the PPSA, or “Professional Porch Sitters of America.” We plan on getting a sign to put up as well; we take our porch sitting seriously.

So if you should happen to drive by our house and we’re sitting out there, give us a wave. We’ll wave back.

*The special wave goes like this: remember the late great Sir Winston Churchill who always flashed a “V” for victory sign with his two forefingers? He did it the first time with his secretary near by; using his two fingers up with the palm facing himself. His secretary blushed and told him that the palm should be facing outward, not inward. He asked her why and she told him that when the palm and two fingers are facing you, it means “up ya bum.” Winston Churchill then laughed his head off, but always did the palm-facing out for victory from then on.


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