50th Class Reunion…Yikes!

My class graduated from high school in 1969, a date that now seems so ancient, but yet so significant. Every ten years, there was a class reunion, and I’m sorry to say that I only attended the 20th one. At that time, we were still sort of the people we were in high school (at least that’s what I thought at the time). But a 50th class reunion, now there is a real milestone.

I am sure that we all are grandparents now and will spend a lot of time showing off pictues of our grandchildren to everyone. We will not be the shy kids we used to be. We will not be the cool kids we used to be. We will not be the weirdo kids we once were, and we will not be as consumed with fear, doubt and worry as we used to feel. At this time in our lives, the playing field is pretty much the same.

We all will have had life experiences, some good, some bad, and we will see life and old school mates in different ways. At this stage in our lives, we know who we are. We know what works for us, and what doesn’t. There is no longer a lunch table where only the cool kids sit; we are all the young people we once were, and are now adults with more life experience that we possibly could have imagined.

Some of us will have lost parents and friends and some, sadly; children. We will have lived through joy and sorrow which we never would have imagined on that sunny day in 1969 when we left school forever. The old rivalries are over with and forgotten. The one-up-manships are buried deep into the past. It no longer matters who made the final score in sports, which couple were the prom king and queen, who did a flute solo that brought down the house, and who starred in the plays and musicals.

What matters now is who we are and what we have learnedWe are so much more than prom queens, sports stars, straight-A students, theater geeks and pranksters. We have lived through challenges that changed us forever. We have loved and lost and loved again. We have amazed ourselves and disappointed ourselves. In short, we have gone through life experiences that have brought out the best and the worst in us. We have becomes the sages we used to look up to; we are older, wiser and far more forgiving than we once were.

Life goes on and so do we.

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