Be You—You’re the Only One of You

I learned a long time ago to stop beating myself up for not being smart enough, pretty enough, brilliant enough, creative enough and so on. We are who we are, and we are supposed to be where we are. How we run our lives is up to us. We may go through the fires of things that want to consume us, but we come out of it stronger. If we can just accept our own faces in the mirror each day, we can find peace in ourselves.

We can only be who we are; we are each unique and wonderful, and we are here for a purpose. We may never understand what that purpose may be, but we are here for a reason.

When we try to compare ourselves to other people and come up lacking, it’s a hurt that we don’t need to feel. We can’t possibly know what that “perfect” person thinks of themself; for all we know, they are just as scared and vulnerable as we are.

It’s easier than you think to be proud of who you are. It’s easier than you think to accept yourself as you are. You may never know all the people who look at you, wishing that they could be like you. Sometimes that fabulous person you so want to emulate is just as scared and self-doubting as yourself.

So if you are wasting precious time in loathing yourself, you can change. Start with the mirror: no matter what you look like and how you judge yourself, know this: there are people who look at you with envy and would love to look as you do. Here is how you get to like and then love yourself:

  1. Look at yourself in the mirror and say out loud: “Hiya, beautiful!” (For me, I always say, ‘hiya, gorgeous!’) It isn’t easy at first, but keep it up. Sooner than you think you will have a better view of who you are.
  2. When someone compliments you on anything, just smile and say ‘thank you.’ No self-deprecation, no saying ‘oh, this old thing?’, and so on.
  3. Walk as if you own the world. No hanging your head, no shuffling (unless of course you have a disability), no keeping your eyes on the floor. Stand up straight, make eye contact and smile. Trust me, you can do this.
  4. If you smile and say ‘hello’ to someone and they don’t respond, don’t take it hard. That person may be terribly shy and fearful. But your hello to them may mean more than you know.

That’s for starters. You can also create your own vision of yourself by saying things to yourself such as “I’m wonderful and unique!” “I’m a great person!” “I’m beautiful and strong!” Or just make up what you want to say to yourself.

Do not judge yourself if you feel you don’t measure up to what you feel a sucessful person should be like. Be you, because in this entire planet, there is ONLY one of you. Love starts with you. Never, ever discount how amazing you are.

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