Big Raptor, Little Cat

The other day while the Crankee Yankee and I were sitting on the porch drinking coffee, there was a burst of loud screeching and squawking across the road. We are lucky enough to have a beautiful green space across the road from us; it has four tall pines, juniper bushes and lush grass. There is also a small hill where we often see rabbits as well as lots of birds.

The screeching and squawking escalated and we couldn’t see what the issues were, until we saw a smallish black cat (this guy lives across the road in the condos) come bounding down the hill. He ran right down to where all the noise was coming from, and we saw him pounce on something.

It turned out that all that noise was about a raptor in the area who was trying his best to carry off a bird. But that little cat scared the bejeebers out of him, and he never got a chance to lift off with the bird he had his eye on. While all the other birds were trying to distract the raptor, this cat went right into battle mode and the raptor took off, giving a hoarse crow of defeat.

If birds could talk to a cat, I’m sure that they would have said ‘thank you for saving the baby! But, erm, could you not jump on any of US?’ And I’m sure the cat would have shrugged his shoulders and said, “it’s just what we cats do. No big deal!” and sauntered off, tail high (and probably saying to himself, ‘oh yeah, I beat that bad old raptor, oh yeah!’)

Sometimes the drama is just right across the road.

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