Customer Service At Its Best

If you are a frequent reader of my blog, thank you very much. As a reader, you may remember the Crankee Yankee’s and my “deal” back in February of this year. He promised to send me to Hawaii (a life-long dream for me) for two weeks, while he renovated our ancient kitchen. What a deal, right?

He had cautioned me that of course the new kitchen (brand new cabinets, new formica, new paint and new flooring) would not be ready by the time I came home. No problem, and I offered to help once I got home.

Well, the trip to Oahu was wonderful and everything I’d hoped for. But after two weeks, I really was ready to go home and be back with the Crankee Yankee and our five cats. When I walked into the kitchen, it was pretty much as I had expected; everything was stripped down to the bare walls, and the dishwasher and stove were out on the porch. Again, not a problem. Within the week, the cabinets and formica were all installed and looked fabulous. Now all we needed was the countertop.

The countertop wasn’t delivered until a few weeks later; and we put it on our front porch until our guy (who had installed our cabinets and formica) could come by and install it. However, our guy had already started working on his daughter’s house (a mjor project) and could not make the time to install our countertop.

So, because our countertop folks had dragged their feet, we lost our contractor. Not only that, but the countertop was not the color I’d chosen; I’d picked out something that looked like beach sand; pebbly gray and black. The countertop was simply gray. Oh well, I could live with that.

But yesterday, it all came together. The company finally sent us two guys to install it and put in the sink (which is so much better and larger than my old one!). Granted, they did not do the plumbing (they are not plumbers), but we already have a great plumber so that’s not an issue. Best of all, when it was complete, we were told that it was “compliments of the company.”

So it took a while, but now all we have to do is the plumbing for the sink and the dishwasher. And then, praise all things holy, we have a new kitchen. Of course, there is still painting to be done and a new floor to put down, but that’s pretty small potatoes at this point.

And best of all, there was never a break-down in communications with each other, no one threatened divorce (which I hear often happens during the stress and mess of a kitchen renovation), and no throwing fits of any kind. How great is that?




One thought on “Customer Service At Its Best

  1. pamkirst2014 says:

    Congratulations, Jane! I bet you’ll be cooking wonderful things and appreciating that kitchen because of the journey from there to here…

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