Even though we here in the Northeast are still experiencing the blow-back from all the heavy winds and rain that have swept the country, it looks like we are going to have a fabulous summer. This is truly the time of year for massive amounts of bright yellow buttercups, purple and white violets, rambling roses; pink and white, yellow Indian paintbrushes and their sinister sisters; red “devils’ paintbrushes.” Tulips of all colors and daffodils and irises and lilacs abound.

As I took a “pond walk” yesterday, the flowers were amazing. I always smile at buttercups as they remind me of my dad. When he and Mom were “courting,” I took to him right away. I was only three at the time, but I knew a good potential dad when I saw one. He and I and Mom would go on picnics together, and one day he and I spent a good deal of time picking buttercups. On that day I asked him if I could call him “Daddy.”

He smiled and said that yes, I certainly could. On December 27 he and Mom married. On December 28, Dad signed adoption papers so that I would always be his daughter in name and love. So when I see all those sunny little buttercups , I think of my dad.

I hope that, wherever you are, you enjoy all the flowers, especially the buttercups.

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