Never Forget

My dad served in the army during WII. My grandfather served in the army in WW1. When I was in Hawaii I took the Pearl Harbor tour, and saw what was left of the USS Arizona. So many young people; men, women and even children were lost when Pearl Harbor was attacked.

Growing up in Wolfeboro, NH, every parade; especially on the 4th of July and Memorial Day, all the military men and women walked down the street proudly. They wore their uniforms; some faded from age. Some could no longer walk and were in wheel chairs or in cars. The crowds would always grow silent, and each one of us honored them by holding our right hands over our hearts.

Whenever I hear of a sacred monument to those who served and died for our country that has been vandalized, I have to wonder where and when that lack of respect and honor went. As kids growing up in the ’50s, every day at school we stood up, hands on our hearts, and said the Pledge of Allegence together. Whenever we heard the national anthem, we stood up and again put our right hands on our hearts and sang along.

Times have changed, but honor to our fallen and those who currently serve our country deserve our support and our respect; always. Today is a day of rembrance. Let us not forget those who lost everything to keep our country safe. Let us not be blind to the threats to our way of life. Let us not forget our history and how we got to where we are today.

Most of all, let us not forget the sacrifice of many. Because of them, we have freedoms unheard of in many countries. Today, if you see a military person, shake their hand and thank them for their service. Let us never forget the sacrifice of many who kept and still keep us safe and free. They deserve our respect and our thanks.

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