“Lulu’s Book of Children’s Stories”

Not to toot my own horn, but my book, “*Lulu’s Book of Children’s Stories” has been published by Maat Publishing, owned by Steve and Marilynn Carter. There are six stories in the book, three of which my mother and I wrote together: “The Tummy Ache Bakery,” a poem about a magical bakery, “That Cat Needs a Job!,” about a lazy cat, and “Knittily Natalie,” a poem about a woman whose passion for knitting goes way beyond hats and mittens.

The other three stories are these: “The Nightsinger,” a special being who helps sad and frightened children, “The Adventures of Pig,” in which a little finger puppet pig has wonderful adventures, and “An Alphabet of Awful Children” (an homage to Edward Gorey) about children who are truly awful.

I will be reading from it at the Art Center in Dover, NH on Saturday, June 1st at the Page Turner event from 1pm to 6pm. I haven’t yet contracted with any bookstores, but I will be working on that as soon as possible. It’s a book that kids from 3 years old to 8 years old will enjoy.

Years ago before e-publishing was created, if you wrote a book you felt was worthy of being published, you sent a manuscript to the publisher of your choice. Nine times out of ten, you never heard a word back about your book. If you did, you got a typed letter saying that the book was “delightful, but not something we are looking for at this time. Good luck!” And that was that.

These days, e-publishing makes it possible for writers to get their books out to readers. In the case of Maat Publishing, they are extremely helpful and help in every way to get writers’ books out. Events such as the Page Turner make it possible for people to find out about wonderful new books, and it makes it easier to go to bookstores asking if they would be interested in accepting the books.

The dedication in the book reads: “This book of stories is dedicated to my late mother, Gloria Spaulding Bullock. She and I co-wrote “Shopping at the Ani-Mall, published by Windswept House (sadly now defunct). Together we also wrote “The Tummy Ache Bakery,” “That Cat Needs a Job,” and “Knittily Natalie.” We had a lot of fun writing and rhyming together. Most of the time together included a great deal of laughing. Mom, I know that where you are now, you are still laughing with me.”


One thought on ““Lulu’s Book of Children’s Stories”

  1. Diane Kirkup says:

    Well done Jane, Congratulations !

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