What Price Comfort?

I’ll tell you what, the older I get, the more I appreciate comfort. As a kid, a teen, a young adult and then a real adult, comfort wasn’t my highest priority. In fact, I sort of got used to being uncomfortable. I wore very high heels, pantyhose, tight skirts; all of them were uncomfortable. But I wore them because it was fashionable, so I sucked up my discomfort.

But getting older makes you feel that you not only want comfort, but you need comfort. Let’s face it, our skin, our hair, our muscles and everything else is just as old as we are, and they appreciate comfort. In fact, everything works a whole lot better when we are comfortable.

I’m getting so that everything I wear has to be comfortable, from my sunglasses to the Good Feet arch supports for my feet. I gave up itchy sweaters years ago, and high heels have permanently left my closet. No more pantyhose, no tight sweaters, no pretty shoes that pinch, no itchy underwear; anything that makes me uncomfortable gets the old heave-ho.

I want all the comfort I can get. I spent years being uncomfortable and I’m not doing it again. Another plus of getting older is that you realize that you don’t give a damn what other people think. Your idea of comfort may be LL Bean slippers and warm pajamas, or a flannel nightgown that feels like the arms of an angel. But whatever makes you comfortable, go for it.

I spent so much time in my younger years trying to impress others with my clothes and shoes; these days I couldn’t care less. Now this doesn’t mean that I go to the grocery store in my saggy jeans and a ripped sweatshirt; I clean up well for a woman in her later ’60s. As with makeup, less is more. I discovered bamboo capris and tops, and they not only look good, but they are heavenly to wear in hot weather. I have also toned down on makeup; again, less is more.

The best thing about wearing clothes and footwear that really feels as good as they look is that you feel good about yourself and best of all: you’re comfortable. I find that when you make your own style that’s comfortable and suits you, life is good. There is no limit to what you can wear or say or do. And this is the very best thing about getting older; not only are you permanently comfortable, but you don’t need to worry about what people think. Why? Because they are too busy worrying about what you think.

My new motto for “dress for success” is “dress to please yourself!”

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