Sunday Drivers

Remember our parents or grandparents driving behind a slow vehicle and muttering curses at the “Sunday drivers”? Basically that meant all those folks, who, after a big Sunday lunch would get in their cars and take a long and slow drive, especially if it was a fine sunny day.

As there was no need to hurry, we could all enjoy the scenery; new houses being built, people working in their gardens (and waving as we waved to them), farms with cows, horses, sheep and the one donkey making the ride more fun, and so on. Generally, the Sunday drive ended with ice cream and lazy chats about what we had seen during our trip. Those were calmer, gentler times and I do miss them.

Well, most folks these days don’t do that. Everyone seems to be in a big fat hurry, and if you look at their faces, for the most part, they all look grumpy and sour. Maybe it’s because the new vehicles have so much tricky technology that the person behind the wheel is just too focused on which app to pull up, what button to push, and so on. Or just maybe driving around enjoying the scenery isn’t fun anymore—especially if everyone except the driver is plugged in to their phones, iPads, tablets, etc. to pay attention.

But the Crankee Yankee and I thoroughly enjoyed a lovely Sunday drive yesterday after we finished our chores and fed the indoor cats and checked on the “*outdoorsies.” After all the gloomy rain for days on end, it was a fabulous sunny day with cool breezes and the kind of puffy clouds we as kids called “**picture clouds.”

We drove and drove and admired the scenery, laughed at grumpy-looking people, talked about the different houses we passed and so on. When we finally stopped for lunch, we were in a pretty mellow mood. We talked about our own Sunday driver routines with our parents and what good times we had. We decided that we would try to enjoy being Sunday drivers now and then.

Those Sunday drives of long ago, the talking and laughing are things that stay with us. These are things we remember just before sleep takes us over; and before you know it, we are all together again, driving on a sunny Sunday, laughing and joking.

*The outdoorsies are our visiting neighborhood cats. We keep food and water out for them, and believe me—they expect it.

**If you’ve never done this, try it: just pick a comfortable spot and look up at the clouds. You will find that there are many clouds that look exactly like elephants, dragons, fish, sea horses, teddy bears, a running dog, and more. It’s a fun way to spend the day outside, it costs you nothing and it brings a measure of joy that makes it just about impossible to be in a bad mood. Try it out!


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