If You Don’t Have Something Good to Say, Shut Up!

Why oh why do so many people waste their time (plus the time others have to listen to them) making fun of people they don’t know? If the person is overweight, well then—it’s an all-out free-for-all to make nasty comments. Seriously, how does this help? To me it only shows the shallowness of the people who just have to make a rude comment about overweight people.

Then there are the ones who sweetly suggest to the overweight person how this, that or the other diet allowed them to lose <insert ridiculous amount of pounds here>. How exactly does that help? To the overweight person, it just comes back to the old and tired “yeah, I know I’m fat and thanks so much for rubbing it in, jerk!” Can we not look at a person’s body without judgement? How about looking at the good things about the person and not body-shaming?

Wouldn’t it be great if we could just enjoy the people we see; however they look, talk, walk, etc. Can’t we see the good instead? Quite frankly I think that most people who have snarky things to say about people are not happy in their own skin. Talking trash about another person may make them feel better for a few seconds, but sheesh; what a way to live!

How about looking for the good things in others? Now we don’t all have to join hands and sing “Kum Ba Yah” together; just a bit of kindness here and there. It’s easy to start a positive change, too. We can declare a day of kindness any day of the week and practice it on others.

Instead of looking at body types, hair styles, smeared eye shadow and other crimes of appearance, how about finding something good to say? It’s easy enough to tell someone what a pretty scarf they have on; sometimes that little exchange can lead to a nice chat. How about we take a day or so to just admire all the good around us?

As my late great mother-in-law would say, “it couldn’t hurt.”

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