Redacting Our Former Crimes

Ever look back through the years and wince because of something you said or did to someone years ago? For instance, I was once very pushy about directions to a friend; one of those “do it my way or else” moments. At the time, I couldn’t believe that anyone would choose to ignore my “excellent” directions.

It was years later that it struck me; how rude and self-righteous I was to assume that everyone should do things my way. People have their own ways of doing things, and at the time, I just assumed that my way was the best way.

Well—that was one of many situations that made me curl up like a doodlebug in shame. Who was I to judge? Why didn’t I mind my own business? These types of incidents are the things that, as my mom would say, “make you go red in the night.” (AKA, blushing for shame.)

So here’s the thing: we can’t afford to let our former crimes and bloopers define who we are today. I’ll bet you anything that every single person on this planet has done or said something that they deeply regret when they get older. That’s just part of living; we do stupid stuff now and then.

But we can make things right by asking forgiveness. And it doesn’t matter if the person we verbally stomped on has passed on. We can still talk to them and ask for their forgiveness. I am pretty sure that our loved ones get the message and forgive us right away.

So no stewing about things we did when we were younger. Say them out loud and ask for forgiveness. We will be heard, and no more dragging around all those shoulda/coulda/woulda things we are sorry for now.

Or, as we say around our house, “let it go, Elsa!”

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