Pond Music

As I walked around the pond yesterday, it’s clear that the wildlife has decided that warm weather is here to stay. While it’s not quite summer time, it’s just around the corner. The frogs are back, singing their chug-a-rum-chug-a-rum songs. Red wing blackbirds are already jealously defending their nests; you can hear them arguing with each other. Little gold finches were flitting through the bushes, cheeping in a happy manner. There was a single cormorant on the pond, splashing as he dove beneath the water. Across the bay in low tide stood a blue heron. While he didn’t have much to say, I remember his signature call: “grrrrawkkk!”

Even the monarch butterflies are out and about. Which makes me remember when Mom and Dad used to take off to Maine during the summers, renting a little cabin for themselves. One summer there was a monarch butterfly ‘invasion;’ there were tons of them. Dad, who was never a poet, said of this “they look like Halloween kites.” I love that vision.

When I was halfway around the pond and standing over the little dam, I saw an amazing sight. Swimming around in the shallows in grand fashion was a huge snapping turtle. He (or she) must have been about two feet long from stem to stern. He (or she) looked a great deal like the Hawaiian honos (sea turtles). It was quite a sight.

The “regular” turtles are out and about, and stop in shallow, sunny places to warm their shells. The little ones just bob in the water until they figure out how to climb up on the few branches that poke out near the dam.

Seagulls wheeled overhead, their scratchy honks letting everyone know their presence. This is the music I long for in the cold months, and now that it’s here it’s a joyous pleasure. These sounds are some of my favorite music. It is the symphany of the pond.


One thought on “Pond Music

  1. pamkirst2014 says:

    Beautiful! I can hear the melodies in my mind’s ear…

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