From the “Naked and Filthy” Files

Yesterday we went to our oldest granddaughter’s eighth birthday party. We went out to lunch together and everyone had a great time. While we were enjoying our lunch, the sun came out.

Now you wouldn’t think that this would be an earth-shaking event, but considering that we have had rain for days and days on end, this was a real gift. By the time we got back to the house to watch Ava open her gifts, it was downright balmy.

Juliette, being three years old, couldn’t wait to open her “side car” gifts (a wise decision of her mom and dad to provide her with a few fun things to open while her older sister was unwrapping her own birthday gifts). Ava was thrilled with everything; the kid has pretty ecletic tastes, so getting her gifts was a lot of fun. She had asked for a telescope, a pogo stick (remember them? They’re back!), a gumball machine, more earring findings, and some great games.

As we were enjoying Ava’s birthday ice cream cake, Juliette, Ava and her best friend, Ari, wanted to go outside and play. It was pretty warm by then, and everyone had fun running around barefoot (the girls, not us) in the dirt.

As the girls became progressively grubby, Juliette decided to give herself a bath in a bucket. She stripped right down to her skin and tried her best to fit into the bucket; it didn’t make a very good tub, and she was still pretty dirty. Ava and her friend were running around barefoot, getting dirtier by the minute. As we were all pretty punchy by then, we could not stop laughing.

Hence the term the Naked and Filthy Files. I’m sure that there will be more.

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