Not the Real Deal, But Pretty Good

If you love the Sundance jewelry as I do, you will appreciate that it’s pretty pricey. It’s beautiful stuff, but Yankee cheap-o as I am, I just can’t bring myself to buy any of it. What I like best are the bracelets, such as these:




Seriously, aren’t they gorgeous? So I made my own version of one with lots of turquoise, rainbow moonstone, labradorite, and silver. Of course it doesn’t look nearly as swanky as the Sundance collection, but it works for me.

I have always wondered about women who absolutely must have the genuine article instead of something less pricey. I used to work with a woman who just loved David Yurman’s jewelry (check it out; his work is stunningly gorgeous and hugely pricey).

We went to an outside art festival, and of course there was a David Yurman booth just dripping with costly jewelry. My friend spent so much time there that I just walked on and caught up with her later.

Weeks later, she came into my office and showed me her brand new David Yurman watch, bracelet and earrings. They were stunning and I complimented her on them. Privately I wondered how in the heck she could afford them, but I didn’t ask.

But she told me that she went to her bank for a loan of $7000 to pay for them!!! Honestly, just the thought of all that money made my knees weak. Sometimes something similar is just fine. Besides if it should get lost, you’re not out a ton of cash.

Just saying…




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