A Tribute to Elephants

The elephant is a lovely beast

With wrinkled skin from west to east;

Their tusks, so gleaming

Never seem to need much cleaning,

Flat footed, they pound the ground

So all creatures can hear the sound

Of elephants approaching

Yet never encrouching

On other species’ home places—

They are content to turn their faces

To rivers to swim and splash in

And wash away the dust from without and within—

They love lots of juicy grasses to eat

And time to rest their great big feet—

Elephants are noble, wise and strong

And if you’re lucky, you may hear their song:

“Elephants forever; wise and true!

Don’t bother us and we won’t bother you–

You keep to your place, as we keep ours

Mind your steps around our flowers,

Let us please live in peace

Please let our progeny increase!”








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