Finally, Spring!

It’s not like we had an enormous amount of snow last winter, but it sure was cold. Each year when Spring comes around, I sort of brace myself because here in New England the weather can be tricky. I’ve seen Aprils where the sun has been warm, the trees and flowers have blossomed and the birds have all come back. And then BANG: more winter comes and party-poops all over that Spring-yness.

However, it’s nearly May now, so I think we’re safe. The Crankee Yankee has already started mixing manure into the raised beds, and we have already decided where to plant our favorite things; cherry and roma tomatoes, peas, green peppers, corn, garlic, cucumbers and squash. This year we will use up one or two of the beds with flowers as well.

All around us are all those wonderful Spring things; the trees are sprouting leaves like crazy, the forthysia is blazing yellow everywhere, and the dogwood and flowering trees are heavy with pink and white blossoms. In our back yard, the tulips are coming up, as well as the orange day lilies. And if you are near any decent body of water, you can hear the peepers singing their wonderful “Spring is here!” songs.

All of us have had enough of winter, so even when the temps are in the low 50s, you’ll see folks walking around in shorts, t-shirts and sandals. True, their exposed parts are probably freezing, but hey—we are all sick and tired of winter; dressing as though the weather was in the ’80s might actually make it happen.

Wherever you are, enjoy all things that Spring brings!



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