Let’s Just Drop the Snark, Shall We?

Recently the Crankee Yankee and I bought a flip-phone for a friend who lives alone. She agreed that it would be nice if, say, the power went out she could call for help, and so on. Most of us at our age (60s, 70s and so on) feel better if we have easy ways to get help and/or contact a friend if something happens.

It had been a long time since the Crankee Yankee and I got our flip-phones (yep, we like our flip-phones mainly because they are very low tech), so it was kind of an adventure to get our friend’s phone up and running. I got so confused that I called the folks who sell these phones.

A heavily accented young woman answered my call; mainly I wanted to know how to get a phone number for the new phone. (Seriously, it had been years since we got ours up and running, and I just flat could not remember how things worked.)

Well—little miss “yes, I can help you,” got increasingly more irritated with me when I told her that I had no idea where to find the Settings icon. She did speak rather fast, and I would stop her and say things such as, “I’m sorry; I just don’t see the icon you are talking about.”

Evidently she thought I was hard of hearing, because she then loudly went into *SOLS on me: “DO YOU SEE THE LITTLE ROTATING ICON IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SCREEN?” Little rotating icon?! I couldn’t even see where such an icon lived! She got progressively louder and more irritated (and kind of snarky), so I stopped her and said, “Ok, dear. Thank you for your time, but you are not helping me one bit. Buh bye!”

I’m sure she damn near rolled her eyes right out of her head, but thankfully I wasn’t there to see that, or I might have had to shove that nice new flip-phone down her throat. Truly, it never pays to piss off older people, especially older people who have bought and are trying to figure out your product. The review I sent was straight to the point: don’t get snarky with your customers, and have a bit of respect for people a lot older than you who did not come down the birth canal with an iPhone clutched in one hand and busily texting with the other. KWIM?

*Stupid Old Lady Speak)

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