When the Bathroom Sink is the New Dishwasher…

Our kitchen renovation goes on. The Crankee Yankee is in the process of putting up a pretty handsome wooden valance over where the sink will be, as well as putting up crown molding all through the kitchen. Things are coming along pretty well, all things considered. Now that the stove has been re-wired and is back in place, I can cook again—with reservations.

Without a dishwasher or kitchen sink, I wash the cats’ dishes, silverware, mugs and such in the bathroom sink. Last night I made hot dogs and beans, which meant using a frying pan for the hot dogs and a large pot for the beans. All well and good until I realized I would have to clean them both in the bathroom sink. Let’s just say it was an exercise in time and space…but it all got done.

Then there is the fun task of remembering where we stashed stuff such as pot holders, carving knives, various pots and pans and all the kitchen doo-dads. You would think that, since we were the ones to pack up everything in the first place, we’d know where to find everything, but no. I never made a list of where things were, I just thought we would somehow remember…ha, ha—fat chance!

Our conversation has devolved into grumbling and growling “do you remember where we put the <insert just about anything here>? Really, we are idiots. But at least we are idiots in a new kitchen.


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