More Signs of Spring

Yesterday the Crankee Yankee and I put plastic over our garden beds; the sun on them helps to warm up the soil. That way we can start planting our usuals this month; roma and cherry tomatoes, baby cukes, peas, squash, corn and garlic. We learned a long time ago not to over-plant. You can easily get caught up in planting too many things, which means that we end up begging our neighbors to help themselves.

At this time of year where we can either get sunny and warm days or even the odd rogue blizzard; New England is a crap shoot when it comes to weather. However, there are always a few harbingers of Spring that bode well for a good warm April.

The first was the brilliant blue bird we saw just last evening. He was gorgeous and he knew it; he swayed on a branch and his deep blue back and feathers accentuated his orange belly. At this time of year, the cardinals show up, too. Every morning we hear them call to each other, and it’s a message to us all that Spring and Summer are on their way.

I haven’t walked the pond in a while, but I expect that the frogs’ and turtles’ inner alarm clocks have gone off. They emerge slowly from their long winter nap snugged down deep in the mud. Soon the frogs will be singing their love songs and the turtles will camp out on the logs to warm their shells.

Soon the red-wing blackbirds will be scouting out the best nesting spots to help woo their lady-loves. The gold finches will soon be on their way, as will the blue herons, ducks, and sometimes some swans.

It’s a lovely time of year; Spring.

One thought on “More Signs of Spring

  1. pamkirst2014 says:

    The birds are raucous and crazy here..lots of bold colored males chasing each other. A little posturing for the ladies, methinks!

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