Love, The Appellation and the Written Word

The Crankee Yankee and I usually refer to each other as “Love.” It has become such a regular thing that we find ourselves calling other people “Love” as well; relatives, servers, tech folk, friends, etc. Of course we can also mean “love” as in “I love pancakes!” But for us, we seldom call each other by name, only “Love.” Funnily enough, my parents also called each other “Love.”

When I am going out of the house for a longish time, or when I am really far away, such as being in Hawaii for two weeks, I leave the Crankee Yankee little notes that use a magnitude of the written word, “Love.” After nearly 17 years of marriage, this is kind of our norm.

The very word, love, to me conjures up not only love, but kindness, compassion, a generosity of spirit, and a constant reminder that we are in fact in love with each other. That said, it doesn’t always mean that we don’t have the odd grumblings with each other. Just last night I asked the Crankee Yankee why it is ok for him to change the channel I was watching to a news station (which I could really do without, thank you!). His answer: “well, I do change the channel back during a commercial.”

Yes, really—that’s his idea of having his cake and eating it, too. I decided that it was high time that I drag out my tablet and learn to stream or whatever you call it so that I can watch what I want while he is watching the news. Actually, a simple solution and everyone wins.

Sometimes I think that simply saying “love” brings more love.




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