Business First vs. Food First

The Crankee Yankee has a digestive system that boggles my imagination. As he is hard at work getting our new kitchen on its feet (so to speak), a slice of toast with a smear of peanut butter will hold him nearly all day. I, on the other hand, can eat a ham and cheese sandwich for breakfast, and an hour later, I’m hungry again.

Around noontime, the Crankee Yankee is ready to go out and pick up any materials he needs for the kitchen. I go with him, hoping for a good lunch. The Crankee Yankee believes in business first, food later. I am totally opposite; for me it’s always food first, business later. When I am hungry, it’s hard to think straight. Once I’ve eaten, I’m pretty much good to go for anything.

Over time, I have learned to either eat something just before we go do errands, or bring one or two of those protein nut bars just in case. While I admire his attention to all the details of his projects, I still feel that lunch should definitely come first; just saying.

Latest update on the new kitchen: today the formica guy comes in to put up the beautiful gray ‘pebble’ formica which will cover the walls behind the refrigerator, sink and stove. After that, the gorgeous driftwood gray cabinets (with shiny nickel handles) can go up, along with a brand new microwave that will be handily right over the stove.

When I was in Hawaii, I had a nice little condo in the hotel at which I stayed. It too had the microwave over the stove, and I remember thinking, ‘hey, this is pretty functional; we should do this for our kitchen!’ Not only is it handy, but it frees up more counter space.

I would write more, but I’m going to heat up the leftovers from yesterday so that we get a good jump on the day. I still stick to my guns about food first, business later.


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