Living in Kitchen Renovation

The Crankee Yankee is renovating our kitchen. While I was in Hawaii, he and his brother tore down all the ancient formica, the eternally dusty cabinets, and old insulation (and he told me that there were generations of mice doo-dads in it as well). So the walls are stripped right down to their boards. It looks sort of like the walls are now standing around in their underwear.

Fresh new insulation is being put in, with new plywood over it. Next will be the sheetrock (which we will paint a lovely lemon color), then the new formica (a beautiful speckled gray). Once that’s all up, the new cupboards can be installed. They are a lovely driftwood gray, and best of all, they have doors with handles! Suffice it to say that our old cabinets did not have doors, so there was always loads of dust.

The new ceiling is nearly all up, and I play handyman’s helper to the Crankee Yankee. At the end of each day, we clean up and talk about what comes next. As our dishwasher, kitchen sink and stove are on the back porch, we are managing on coffee from our Kerig, paper plates and plastic utensils, and take-out. Actually, it’s kind of fun. We tell people that we are living in “Kamp Kerig.”

I’ve read about couples who get so irritated with the whole kitchen renovating process that they actually divorce! Luckily for us, it seems we can always find the funny side of it all. We are managing quite well; fresh hot coffee in the morning, toast and peanut butter for breakfast (or a McDonald’s breakfast sandwich), the Crankee Yankee doing all the heavy lifting, and me handing him nails and screws as needed.

Amazing, the cats have been pretty unflappable about it all. As long as they get their meals on time, fresh water, treats and lots of attention, they’re all good to go. The sound of hammers and other tools (and some swearing) doesn’t seem to bother them. They just stay out of the kitchen until the Crankee Yankee does his final clean-up for the day.

I won’t deny that I am looking forward to the finished product, but for now, things are going on pretty well. As I have never in my life had a new kitchen, this is pretty exciting. One thing you can count on if you live in a house; there is always something that needs fixing. If I were on my own, living in a nice condo, I would just call the maintenence guy to come over and fix what needs fixing. No worries and no mess.

However, there is a lot to be said for living with a man as handy as the Crankee Yankee is. Having been a carpenter and foreman during his working years, he knows how to do dang near everything. And what he doesn’t know how to do, his brother does. So for now, living in Kamp Kerig isn’t bad at all.

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