The Hawaii Five-O Tour

The second tour on my Hawaiian vaction was the one for Hawaii Five-O. The young woman, Amy, who runs the tour lives in Oahu with her husband, and they are actually handlers on the show. This means that they know all the actors, producers, prop folks, etc. There were four other folks (also fans) who came along for the tour as well, and we all got along well.

Amy took us to parts of Honolulu to show us where many of the scenes were taken. I was especially looking forward to seeing the Iolani Palace (used as headquarters for the show), where a grand statue of King Kamehameha stands out front. We were told that, any time a scene is done that involves the Iolani Palace, that they have to remove the front doors and install the “TV show doors.” Once the scene is over, they put back the original doors. Who knew?

It was interesting to hear about some of the actors, such as the coroner, Neolani, and the shrimp truck guy, Kamakona, who are actually natives of Hawaii. We also saw “Steve McGarret’s house” on the beach (which of course is someone’s actual home), and found out that, when scenes are due to be shot, everyone in the neighborhood receives a notice. We all thought that it must be a bit inconvenient while cast and crew are working right there where people live. But hey–that’s show business for you.

While I enjoyed the trip and hearing all the inside gossip was a lot of fun, the only fly in the ointment was our tour guide’s attitude. If she said this once, she said it ten times: “People, there isn’t a real ‘Hawaii Five-O; it’s fiction.”

Well, DUH. Other than that, a good day.




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