Headed for Warm Weather

Just a note to say that I will be on my way to Oahu tomorrow; I will be there for two wonderful weeks. Hopefully I can remember how to post via my tablet once I get there, thanks to the help from my wonderful sister-in-law. As best I can, I will share the experiences with you. I am looking forward to visiting the land of my dreams.

Despite all we hear about plane crashes, it is still the most safe way to travel. In fact, I read somewhere that we are in more danger of dying in a car crash than traveling by air. Besides, I have made up my mind that all will be well, and have sent out good intentions for safety, enjoyment and comfort. I do believe that when we put out good vibes, good vibes come back to us.

It’s a pretty long flight to San Francisco, but that too is a place I’ve always wanted to see, so that’s another win for me. By the time I get to the Honolulu airport, it will be five hours earlier than here in New Hampshire; imagine that!




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