Getting the *Collywobbles

As the time grows closer to my trip to Oahu this month, I find myself getting a little bit apprehensive. It’s been quite a while since I flew (2001, to be specific), and of course there have been many changes since then. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for security and the TSA; that alone makes me feel a lot more safe.

I’ve done my research and bugged my friends who travel often and I feel as though I know what to expect; sort of. I have filled seventeen (count ’em; seventeen!) travel bottles (all under the 3 oz. rule) for all my lotions and makeup and such. I have picked out outfits that I wore last summer (as Hawaii’s temps this time of year is about 75 to 80 degrees). I bought a great straw hat to keep my brains from boiling in the sun, and will be bringing my devices; Kindle (all filled up with good reads), my smart phone, my tablet and keyboard (big thanks to my brilliant sister-in-law for helping me get that set up), and even my good old reliable (and very simple) flip-phone as well.

I have a wonderful travel agent at AAA who gave me an easy-to-read itinerary, along with vouchers and other nice freebies. On the day before I leave I’ll be staying at a nice hotel with a shuttle to the airport. I’ll get a wake-up call, and I’ll be at the airport in plenty of time to check in.

So, all that said and done, why do I have butterflies in my stomach? I’m going on a dream destination, I have wonderful tours all lined up and nice condo to stay in. It’s everything I could possibly want, so I started thinking about why the nerves are kicking on. 1) I haven’t flown in years. 2) Once I’m on my way, I’m on my own. 3) what if my flight get delayed or cancelled?

Well, we can’t plan for every little thing, and the closer I get to the day I leave I will just go with the flow and hope for the best. Or as has been said before many times: never trouble trouble ’til trouble troubles you.


The collywobbles meaning: an uncomfortable feeling in the stomach caused by feelings of nervousness or slight fear.

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