Whatever Happened to “Stop, Look and Listen?”

Remember the “Stop, Look and Listen” signs near railroad tracks? They were and are there for a purpose, which is to make us aware that there is a train crossing. If you stop, look and listen, odds are that you won’t get killed. However, it’s a sad fact these days that people just are not stopping, looking, or listening—at all. It’s as though everyone has decided that no one has to pay attention to anything anymore.

Here’s some examples of high-risk, dead brain behavior I’ve noticed that will really make your liver quiver:

  • Why stop at a red light? Just plow right on through; everyone else will get out of the way.
  • Turn signals? Nope—just go right or left; the people behind you don’t need to be all up in your business.
  • Who looks behind them anymore while backing up? Hey, if there’s anyone back there, they’ll move.
  • I just love rap music turned up loud with the windows down! Doesn’t everyone?
  • What’s wrong with texting while driving? I’m paying attention; it’s all good!
  • Stop signs? Who needs to stop if no one’s around? Just drive right on through.
  • It’s nobody’s business if I drive 30 miles over the speed limit in a school zone. I mean, the kids are all in school anyway, right?
  • Oooh, a service dog! Can I pat him?

Sadly, there are so many more dumb things going on these days. And how many times have I ranted through writing about people walking or running with earbuds or headphones on? If you are not paying attention to who and what is around you, anything can happen to you.

So then back to basics: wherever you are and whatever you are doing, PLEASE remember to always STOP, LOOK AND LISTEN!


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