Old Friends/New Friends

Way back in junior high school, we put on a play, the name of which I can’t remember. But I do remember one of the songs from it. Part of the lyrics were:

“Old friends are better than new friends

‘Cause they know you and you know them.

Old friends are really the gold friends

For when trouble comes they see you through.”

I can’t remember the rest, but those four lines have stuck with me. Our old friends are precious to us for many reasons; we stuck together throughout everything. We had much in common, and we trusted each other. It’s a gift to grow old with the friends from our youth.

However, the new friends we find throughout our lives bring a special joy to our lives. We always know when we meet someone with whom we share an affinity; it’s almost like we have known each other before and are re-connecting. We can actually feel a soul-to-soul connection.

When you think about it, the blend of old and new friends are beautiful gifts. Ever notice that, when you meet someone new, you can feel an instant pull to them? I really don’t think that this is any sort of coincidence, either. I feel as though we recognize each other at a spiritual level.

Our friends, whether old or new, are precious gifts. We may not always agree on everything, but what we do know is that these wonderful friends bring joy and abundance to our lives. Speaking just for myself, I am grateful to the heart for the old and new friends in my life.

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