Men Are Still Boys

The Crankee Yankee can be serious, down-to-earth, funny, affectionate, compassionate; and downright disgusting. I don’t care how old a man is, they still think it’s hilarious to revert to boyhood at any given moment.

For example, the Crankee Yankee thinks it’s the funniest thing ever to peel off the stringy rubbery goo (seriously, it looks like snot) off the back of a card and put it on the keyboard, the bathroom mirror, and once, on my pillow—just to gross me out. Yuck!

Then there are worse things. Men don’t seem to care about “out in public” etiquette, such as absent-minded nose-picking, adjusting their pants (you know what I mean), telling loud and tasteless jokes while in a crowd, and, my personal favorite; burping or farting loudly just for the hell of it.

All that said, I love and adore the Crankee Yankee, and he does make me laugh. But there are many times when I just look at him and say “really?” If there is even a slight chance that something can be made into a joke, he will do it every time. And since I have such a low humor threshold, I usually just laugh my head off.

I just think that men have a different outlook on life than we women do; if there is something that can be made either funny or just gross, men will go for it. They revert to boyish behavior because they can. 

For example, take those annoying-right-in-the-middle-of-dinner phone calls from someone trying to sell you something, donate something or tell you that something is “bad wrong” with your computer. I pretty much let the Crankee Yankee handle those; he can do it without cracking up (like I would).

Someone recently called and the Crankee Yankee smelled a rat right away. He phone-tortured the person by telling him that he (the Crankee Yankee, that is) was too sick to talk on the telephone. Then, before the other person could get a word in, he went on to graphically tell the caller about his sickness, with a heavy emphasis on vomiting and explosive diarrhea. By then I was weeping with laughter, and the caller just hung up.

I think that, the older a man gets, the more latitude he has to be an obnoxious boy again. They may have gray hair and too many candles on their birthday cake, but they never seem to leave their boyishness behind. Or make a joke about behinds. You know how it is…


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